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It will be difficult

Just to repeat what I have relayed to you my valued readers again and again, to be successful one sets a series of goals and objectives, both short term and long term, and then you work real hard day in and day out to bring these predetermined goals and objectives to a successful conclusion. You may think it will be easy, but believe me it won’t. If it was real simple it stands to reason that everyone would be an outstanding success worldwide, but as we all know only too well, this is not the case.

So, here’s where today’s straightforward title comes into play, which tells us all straight up that it will be difficult. Yes indeed, as most people will know, we will run into all sorts of problems as we endeavor to reach that city on the hill, the proverbial success city. But my friend, from my perspective it’s the difficult times in life which really do help in a very important way to strengthen us – to make us really strong so that we do not give up when we discover problems along the way as we start to make our goals and objectives a reality in our life.

For example: Edison who eventually discovered and perfected the electric light bulb, actually failed it is said some 10,000 times. However, he did not give up but kept going following his magnificent obsession, his lofty goal until he finally made it, and one could quite rightly say that his long quest to achieve his goal and to constantly turn all of his “temporary failures” into brilliant success, benefitted not just him and his desire to succeed, but the whole world.

Yes, my friend, there’s no doubt about it whatsoever, that just like Edison and many other brilliant people, as we struggle day by day to achieve our goals and make our magnificent obsession a reality, we will obviously encounter a whole lot of problems which must be solved in order to reach our destination. In other words, as today’s simple title puts it, it will be difficult, however as long as we don’t prematurely quit, we will succeed in the end. I guarantee it.

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