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Child protection council urges public to speak up on crimes against minors

Following a series of alleged crimes against minors, the National Child Protection Council (NCPC) yesterday urged members of the public to speak up if they witness children being abused or neglected.

“We’ve had this wonderful opportunity to go around the islands trying to educate parents and the children as it relates to how they want to act, should they be confronted with these varying situations,” said Bishop Arnold Josey, co-chairman of the NCPC.

“And it’s just so sad what has happened, but we have found in our country that, with all of this going on, people are still not wanting to speak up.

“One of the things that we have found in the Family Islands and here in New Providence, people still don’t want to say what they know.

“Our children are being harassed. Our children are being neglected and all of that, but we’ve not yet gotten to the stage where people will come [forward].

“The agencies are here. We are here.”

Six children were allegedly abducted in the last few weeks, police said.

Police said the children were later dropped off unharmed. 

Police also recently arrested a 71-year-old man for allegedly sexually assaulting an eight-year-old girl on Grand Bahama.

Josey said that although homicides are serious business, they ought not be the sole focus of the community.

He added that the NCPC is offering counseling sessions.

“We want the Bahamian public to know there is a place you can call,” he said.

“We’re open, and we’re available for counseling sessions both with the adults and with the children, as it relates to what is happening in our country.”

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