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Dictate or persuade

As I have covered before in these “Time To Think” articles, having excellent communication skills is most important in becoming successful in life, across the board. Now today I’d like to emphasize another vital element for effective communication, across the board. In other words, what I’m going to cover here today applies equally whether it is a parent or guardian, a teacher who is endeavoring to communicate something important to young people, or a manager or supervisor endeavoring to get an important message over to employees, or just spouse trying to communicate with each other.

When you are talking to another, old or young and no matter what the circumstances are, you’ll get much better results from them and they will be much more receptive to your communication if you endeavor to persuade the person or group of people rather than dictate to them what they must do. In other words, it gets back to that simple saying which I heard so very long ago, it’s not what you say but how you say it that’s important, yes indeed it is.

When speaking to others, we need to use plenty of tact and diplomacy if we wish to get them to cooperate with us and thus hopefully do what we want them to do. Yes indeed, a very dictatorial person will not get very far in life as they communicate with others, no matter their position and the actual circumstances. By being diplomatic and tactful, thus choosing one’s words very carefully, together of course with a pleasant tone of voice will get you much more cooperation from others than being dictatorial.

Yes, my friend, as I have stated on many occasions before in these articles; in order to be successful in life, across the board, you’re going to need the assistance and cooperation of a whole lot of people. Now obviously to get the assistance and cooperation of others, you will need to communicate frequently with them. So, when doing this as today’s article outlines in detail, be persuasive and don’t dictate if you wish to get others to cooperate with you.
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