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Several parliamentarians failed to disclose, Laroda says

Several parliamentarians failed to submit their declarations of assets and liabilities by the March 1 deadline, Public Disclosure Commission Chairman Myles Laroda said yesterday.

However, he refused to say how many parliamentarians failed submit declarations, and also refused to disclose their names.

“The commission met today,” Laroda said when called for comment.

“We got the information from the staff on those who had not disclosed. I wrote to the prime minister and the leader of the opposition, giving them the figures.

“I can’t confirm numbers, but the numbers who disclosed in time were very, very high, although it was not 100 percent.

“It was not perfect. There was a small number of those who have not disclosed yet.”

The Public Disclosure Act mandates members of Parliament, senators, senior public officers and public appointees to declare their assets, income and liabilities as of December 31 of each year.

The act empowers both the prime minister and the leader of the opposition to “authorize the furnishing of any information furnished to him by the [Public Disclosure] Commission to the attorney general or the commissioner of police”.

It provides for a $10,000 fine or imprisonment of a term not exceeding two years, or both, for anyone who violates it.

Asked whether those who did not disclose were senators or MPs, Laroda did not provide details. However, he noted that one body was fully compliant, and the other was not.

“There are two bodies, being the Senate and the House,” he said.

“There is one of the bodies that was 100 percent compliant, and the other body just had a small number of individuals who haven’t [disclosed].”

Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Chairman Fred Mitchell said earlier this month that all of the PLP parliamentarians met the disclosure deadline.

Laroda said that the overall numbers for compliance were similar to last year.

“This year was as good [as last year],” he said.

In January, he revealed that three parliamentarians failed to make their disclosures last year within the legally stipulated timeframe.

However, it is still unclear who those three parliamentarians are.

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