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Man convicted of rape gets new trial

A tattoo artist convicted in 2017 of the rape of a teenager has been granted a new trial by the appellate court.

The Court of Appeal allowed the appeal of Jamal Daniels, who was sentenced to 24 years for the September 22, 2014 rape of a 14-year-old girl, after finding that the trial judge misdirected the jury on how to treat what Daniels reportedly told investigators.

It was revealed during the trial that Daniels initially misled police about his address and when they found his home, he lied about which room he occupied.

According to the prosecution’s case, Daniels lured the girl to his home on Carmichael Road through a fake Facebook profile.

The victim’s Facebook friend, Quetell, suggested that they both get tattoos at a parlor on Carmichael Road.

The victim, now 17, caught the bus to the parlor and as she was on her way, a man who spoke with an American accent called her phone from a private number and asked if she was still coming.

The victim said when she arrived she asked Daniels for Quetell and was told that she was in another room.

The young woman said that Daniels did not complete the tattoo on her stomach and held her down and raped her. Police also photographed the incomplete tattoo.

Roberto Reckley represented Daniels and Roger Thompson appeared on behalf of the DPP.

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