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Local app designer creates solution to long lines at passport office

A local app designer has created a solution to long lines experienced at the passport office, expanding her app, now rebranded 4GoodzNService, to handle such features as an appointment-booking window, which could alleviate long lines.

The recent muck-up at the passport office has left many Bahamians frustrated, so marketplace/pricing mobile app programmer Caliope Sandiford, with support from her twin sister, Penelope Sandiford, developed software to address the passport office’s challenge.

Sandiford told Guardian Business that the app is scalable and can provide solutions to a myriad of problems that need a technology-based solution.

“On March 7 when we heard about the long lines at the passport office, we created a test case for booking an appointment at the passport office, inclusive of a required documents notice,” said Sandiford.

“Our goal was to provide a window into what was possible. On the services side, the app doesn’t focus on any specific business case. It has been designed to support data moving through a flow, irrespective of the nature of the data or the flow.

“The app was designed to be scalable, flexible and extensible. 4Goodz can support businesses with one product or 100,000 products.”

Sandiford said data privacy is paramount and explained that data can be redirected to the private database of a business for additional security.

Sandiford said other features are on the way that cannot be mentioned as yet, because they are in the process of being patented.

She added that the app has been promoted to the testing track on the Google Play Store.

“Initial testing will be conducted with a closed group,” she said.

“As features are cleared, testing will open to a wider group and then the public. Over the course of the year and into next year, more will be revealed of just what this powerful little app can do.”

4theGoodz, rebranded 4GoodzNService, is a dual mode app supporting goods and services. Its features include sharing information on where specific goods and services can be found and pricing on the goods and services.

“Consumers will know exactly when products are available, where to get them and how much it’s going to cost.

“And any business, public, private, large or small, can have its business forms hosted in the app and available to customers. The app can support surveys, incident reporting, data capture, event registration and any other form function you can think of, and setup is negligible. In addition, each form can be attached to a workflow. The app also has a feature to support historical pricing,” said Sandiford.

The sisters are currently exploring other solutions for their app, including health services.

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