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Man shot dead, another injured in Fox Hill

A man was shot dead and another injured near the Fox Hill Parade yesterday as officers were on routine patrol in the area, police said.

Police said the suspects fled the scene on a moped as officers pursued them.

However, police said the suspects eluded them behind Bahamas Harvest Church, off Blueberry Hill, in Fox Hill.

After canvassing the area, officers said they discovered an “instrument” dropped by one suspect and the moped in bushes adjacent to the church.

Police said they were following significant leads and were confident they will find the suspects.

Aaliyah McKenzie, who identified herself as a cousin of the man killed, said he was just 26.

McKenzie said her cousin was killed two minutes after dropping his son off from the barbershop.

“He just [came] back from the barber with his son; he came home, he pulled in the yard and he opened the door and gave his son to his mother,” McKenzie said.

“He jumped back in the car and he sped off and [left].

“… His brother came running home, saying ‘Mommy, mommy somebody got [shot].’

“When he burst [through] the door, she just went straight to the car because she had a feeling something happened.”

She said they arrived at the scene, where scores of onlookers gathered as police covered the body.

“He was a loving person, [funny], he was a clown,” McKenzie said.

“When you had a bad day, he [would] make you forget all of your worries.

“Everybody has him [labeled as] a bad person, but he was a loving person.”

Chief Superintendent Solomon Cash said that although police presence discourages criminals, some are just relentless.

“What I want members of the public to understand is that some perpetrators are relentless in carrying out acts of criminality, and it’s difficult when their minds are made up to carry out these acts, to prevent them,” Cash said.

“But we will remain focused with our strategies to remain in these communities, in essence where we want to prevent or minimize these types of incidents from happening.”

 The injured man was being treated for a gunshot wound to the leg.

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