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Sands: Govt closing shrinking bed shortage at PMH

Minister of Health Dr. Duane Sands said yesterday that within the next four months, renovations to three wards in Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) will add an additional 50 to 60 bed spaces.

“We just spoke to bringing back the Male Surgical Ward, [the] Children’s Ward and the old Intensive Care Unit (ICU) back on stream,” Sands said.

“That will add probably an additional 50 [to] 60 beds, depending on the layout and that’s why I can’t give you a definite answer.

“But those projects, they have actually started and they will put new bed space or reclaim vacant space so that we don’t have the hold up in the Emergency Room (ER), patients waiting in the aisles for days to get admitted to hospital.

“Ultimately, the need to completely bring back into play all of the areas that had been taken out of commission is the goal.”

When asked about a timeline on the renovations, Sands said, “We expect less than four months for male surgical [and] Children’s Ward and the ICU.”

This comes in response to Public Hospitals Authority Deputy Managing Director Lyrone Burrows who said last week that despite a 25-bed donation by the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation, the hospital is still short about 200 beds.

Chairman of the PMH Foundation Richard Demeritte cited the value of the 25 beds at over $90,000.

Sands added that the donated beds will replace outdated ones as a part of the hospital’s modernization process.

“We have embarked on a very aggressive approach to modernize and improve our hospital,” Sands said.

“If you look at some of the beds that our patients have endured over the last few decades, some of them have been around for a very long time.

“They have created challenges for the staff because they are difficult to crank and move to adjust positions.

“And so, these first 25 beds added to an additional 25 on the Corey Newbold Ward are a part of a phased changeout of all of the beds to make them more ergonomic, to make them easier, more comfortable, etc.

“We now have a number of wheelchairs for every single health facility in the country; hundreds of wheelchairs that will be deployed imminently within the next week or two once we have them appropriately labeled and modified so that they stay on the premises of the clinics or the hospitals…”

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