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Fields: GPH’s port plans should spur activity on several DNP initiatives

The introduction of Global Ports Holding (GPH) into the fold of stakeholders in the city of Nassau may just be what is needed to make the downtown area a self-sustained, properly managed district, according to Managing Director of the Downtown Nassau Partnership (DNP) Ed Fields.

GPH, which won the bid last month to redevelop the cruise port at Prince George Wharf, intends to jumpstart the revitalization of Downtown Nassau with a new landmark port surrounded by restaurants, a Junkanoo museum and amphitheater.

Fields said this is expected to spur activity on several plans the DNP has been seeking to implement for years now.

“The Downtown Nassau Partnership is about trying to promote the revitalization and redevelopment of the city of Nassau. The introduction of GPH into the mix is a major component in that model. In my view it will be a major catalyst to creating the confidence that folks would wish to have with regard to the developing, remodeling and refurbishing of downtown and they have been working closely with us to make sure that all of our concepts and vision for downtown gel with what they want to do,” Fields told Guardian Business yesterday.

“So, without getting into specifics, because things evolve, I can tell you that GPH is aware of all of our plans and concepts and is highly supportive of them. One of the initiatives, specifically, they are going to be very, very involved with; in fact two of them they are going to be very involved with. So they are aware of our plans and vision and I think they will be very instrumental in seeing them come to fruition.”

This week GPH announced that it has proposed a partnership with taxi cab drivers to modernize how they operate in the city center.

In addition to drafting legislation for the implementation of business improvement districts (BIDS) – intended to streamline and revolutionize the management of Downtown Nassau – the DNP has also proposed removing jitneys from the downtown area to address traffic congestion and introducing metered parking.

“GPH is a stakeholder of downtown; it’s a major stakeholder, but it has the same kind of contribution as say The Pointe or east of East Street, or the central bank or all of these things that are happening,” Fields said.

“And what we hope that will be ultimate is that these things transpire and there is more to come on that, but at the end of the day the big prize is the overall management of downtown, so that things like signage and street cleaning and garbage collection, et cetera, are all managed correctly. And all the stakeholders have a very vested interest in making sure that occurs.”

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