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Police: Videos assisting in murder probes

Two videos of separate murders that surfaced on social media are assisting in ongoing investigations, according to police.

The first video, recorded on a cellphone, appears to show the Sunday evening Fox Hill shooting that left one man dead and another injured.

A small group of men who remained off camera can be heard asking another man to come for a dollar to purchase something from the store.

Meanwhile, two men on a red moped drive through the adjacent corner; the driver was wearing a white T-shirt and a red and white helmet and the shooter was wearing black shades and a black hoodie.

As the moped drives past the men, off camera, seven shots go off and the camera falls to the ground.

Chief Superintendent Solomon Cash said yesterday that the police are using the video to assist in their investigation.

“That is a video that is in the possession of the police,” Cash told reporters.

“How it got out in social media, we’re unaware of that.

“But yes, we have that video in our possession.”

Asked if the video has been helpful to police, Cash said, “Yes. That video was quite helpful to the investigation in assisting us in proving who these persons were who were responsible for that latest homicide in Fox Hill.”

Cash added that police have apprehended one suspect who is assisting them with the investigation. 

The second video, a recording of surveillance video being played back, appears to show the Monday morning Nassau Village murder.

The store clerk, who appears to be of Asian descent, can be seen mopping the floor behind a counter, as a gunman in a blue hoodie approaches from the front and points a handgun at him.

Simultaneously, a second gunman wearing a black hoodie points another handgun at the clerk. 

The gunman in the blue hoodie walks around the side of the counter and the clerk is startled.

He lifts the mop towards the gunman in the blue hoodie but has it pulled away. 

The blue-hooded gunman then shoots him in the lower abdomen, causing him to crouch in pain.

Standing over him, the gunman appears to say something. 

He grabs the clerk’s shirt and pushes the gun to the back of his head. 

A third gunman wearing a white T-shirt over his head pushes another store clerk behind the counter.

Both clerks are forced off camera by the gunman in the blue hoodie as the gunman in the black hoodie follows. 

Cash said that the man shot and killed in the video was a Chinese national who had residency in The Bahamas.

He added, “Additionally, the matter in the Nassau Village area, we have three suspects in custody currently, they are persons of interest.

“But again, we are probing them further to see if we [can] establish whether or not they had any involvement in that particular matter.”

Cash said that once police conclude their investigations, they will go after everyone who is responsible. 

These incidents are marked as murders number 14 and 15 for the year.

The man murdered on the junction of Mackey Street and Wilton Street yesterday brought that total to 16.

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