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The only risk is in not taking one

I heard someone on television utter the phrase which is the very important title of this particular article ‘The Only Risk Is In Not Taking One’ …. Oh how absolutely correct that wise person was for if we really want to be successful in life, across the board, there is no doubt about it whatsoever, we simply must be prepared to take risks from time to time. We can’t be a real timid person who always wants to play it safe in life, whilst at the same time being a great success. I’m sure, that if you were to sit down and have a lengthy conversation with someone who has achieved great success in their life; I can guarantee that at many points in their life they stepped out on a limb so to speak whilst taking a huge risk which quite frankly could have failed big time; however, taking that risk paid off handsomely in the end as taking that risk was the right thing to do which resulted in great success. Yes indeed, you simply can’t be a very timid type of individual who always wants to play it safe in life whilst also being a great success.

Those who play it safe being over cautious simply do not succeed in life. We will at some point in our life need of necessity to take some ‘Calculated Risks’ as nothing is ever guaranteed in life, particularly if you are in business for yourself. All of the really great and immensely successful businessmen that I have known have in fact been ‘Risk Takers’ whose risks paid off very handsomely in the end. Yes indeed, if you wish to always play it safe, you will never make it big time, believe me.

Yes indeed, as the straightforward title of this article puts it ‘The Only Risk Is In Not Taking One’ as that will get you nowhere, believe me. So don’t be too timid if you wish to succeed ‘Big Time’ in life, across the board, but always be ready to take a ‘Calculated Risk’ in order to achieve your goals and objectives, and believe me, you’ll succeed ‘Big Time’ …. Yes you will.

Think about it!
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