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Do you have a conscience?

Now the question posed by the title of today’s article is indeed a most provocative and important one for every single person in my reading audience to answer with complete candor. Do you have a conscience? Actually, now that I give it some thought, I know that the correct answer for everyone is a resounding, yes as I believe that the Creator made everyone — each and every one of his children with a conscience. In other words, we know right from wrong and we know full well that we’re supposed to be totally honest in all of our dealings with our fellow human beings.

Yes, we have a conscience, however, as I have put it before, the Creator also gave everyone free will at birth too. So, we can listen to our conscience and thus be completely honest and above board in all of our dealings with everyone or we can try to suppress it as we do not listen to our conscience all the time and then succumb to dishonest behavior from time to time.

One thing is for sure, as much as we try, we cannot completely suppress our conscience, no matter how hard we try, and boy do some people try real hard to suppress it and then they engage in totally dishonest practices day in and day out perhaps commencing with their wedding vows which they took when they committed to love and cherish their spouse. But my friend, when you go to bed at night and are all alone in the dark, your conscience will rear its head and you will suffer.

Yes, my friend, try as we do, we can never get away from our conscience, no matter how hard we try to suppress it. We will always know right from wrong and when we are consistently dishonest in any phase of our life, our conscience will make quite sure, that we know in no uncertain way, that what we have done is wrong. We need to listen to our conscience when it talks to us and thus stay on the straight and narrow.

 Think about it!

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