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This is shaping up to be the best Bahamas Carnival season ever

This is shaping up the be the best Bahamas Carnival season ever!

Yes, I said it.

The vibes feel different this year — more intense.

The costumes are gorgeous and more diverse, but it’s the music that will literally make you pick up something and run.

Now in its fifth year, Bahamas Carnival is out of the infancy stage. It has solidified its place on the carnival calendar. This year is sure to add the exclamation mark.

Every carnival chaser knows that carnival is more than just the actual road march. It’s about the entire season – the anticipation leading up to carnival weekend, and of course, the parties.

That being said, there is no shortage of good parties to attend.

Weekend recap

Bahamas Masqueraders —  “Soca Sampla”

While small compared to the other carnival parties I attended over the weekend, Soca Sampla packed a serious punch. It felt like I was partying with friends, instead of complete strangers.

DJ Bravo gave us a taste of what It would be like to play mas with Bahamas Masqueraders, and he did not let us down.

Enigma — “Midnight Mas – Rewind”

Enigma’s Midnight Mas Rewind did not disappoint either. In fact, it surpassed expectations. There was lots of foam, powder and water – all ingredients for a good soca party. But it was the DJ who set the stage for what would turn out of be an epic night.

The party more than made up for the previous edition that ended prematurely after anxious party-goers broke through the gate. The rewind proved to be the best one yet.

With dancers on stage keeping the crowd pumped, and often putting on a show of their own, Enigma managed to make people forget their frustrations following the first edition, and put the icing on the cake when it capped off the night with a fireworks display.

GVS – “The Birthday Pump”

Though not a carnival band, GVS, through its annual March party, added some serious vibes to the carnival season.

Even without the foam, powder or water, GVS’ birthday pump was pure vibes. Aside from gifting all participants with a GVS cup, organizers served up one of the best parties of the season.

There was no people watching at this event. Soca lovers came out en masse with one thing on their minds, and that was to fete. There was no shortage of fun, but the greatest moments came when international DJ Private Ryan blasted one of the hit soca songs of the season: “Run Wit It”.

The song, which instructs feters to pick up the something and run with it, brought down the stadium. There were women in the air, on men’s shoulders, barricades, plants, you name it.

If you’re not familiar with that song yet, no worries, you’ll be sure to hear it at least a few times at your next soca party.

Upcoming parties:

March 31

Hypnotic Mas Band

Super Soaka wet – Jaws Beach

March 22

Bahamas Masqueraders

Glow Fete

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