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Birds of a feather

As most of my valued readers will know today’s title birds of a feather is just the first part of a well-known saying and here it is in full – birds of a feather flock together – meaning of course, that similar birds all stay together in a flock. Actually, it’s a way of telling you my friend to be weary of the company you keep each and every day. Yes indeed, if you are a positive person who is on his or her way to success city, well then you need to only mix with people of like mind, people who are totally positive and goal-oriented like you.

You see, the people who you consistently hang with to use the modern-day vernacular, can indeed affect the way in which you think, speak and act. So, it’s most important for all those who wish to be successful at all that they undertake in life to make absolutely sure that they only mix with and interact with people of like mind. “Why D. Paul, why is this important to our future success?” you may query.

Well as another well-known saying puts it, with whom you run, you become. Yes, indeed you do. You see, let’s suppose that you have set a goal to become manager of the department you work in at a major corporation and you start to mix with a bunch of negative losers who spend most of their time drinking in the club, whereas you need to be at home studying so that you will acquire the necessary knowledge required to be able to get the promotion you desire, and you need to have a clear head each morning as you commence the day’s work, well then you need to find some new friends of like mind.

Yes, my friend, you need to be aware of the company you keep at all times. Do your best to mix with people, male and female who are of like mind, who are on the same mental wavelength as you are, who are goal oriented, disciplined, positive people who will assist you to be positive and stay on course to achieve your goals in life. Yes indeed, birds of a feather flock together.

 Think about it!

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