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Hit-and-run victim’s children can’t afford funeral

Weeks after Dianne Morgan was killed in a hit-and-run accident in New Providence, her children said her body remains in a morgue, because they cannot afford her cremation or funeral expenses.

Her son, Cecil Roberts, who is expected to graduate from Doris Johnson Senior High School this year, described the experience as heartbreaking.

“It hit me hard because… me and my mummy were the closest, and I loved her a lot,” he said.

Last month, Morgan was one of two people hit by a Nissan Cube on Sea Link Drive, off East Street South.

Police reported that she had severe head trauma and was pronounced dead on the scene.

The vehicle was later found abandoned, and police were able to track down a woman believed to be the driver.

Morgan’s children have since created a GoFundMe campaign to request donations to help cover funeral costs.

Roberts said, “I was heartbroken and depressed because that was my mummy, and it hit me hard.

“I was angry at the lady who knocked her, because it wasn’t right and it wasn’t fair.

“If you knock a person, at least you could turn back around and check to see if they are okay, but you just left her like she was a dog.

He added, “You can’t do things like that, because that was a whole human being that you knocked down. That wasn’t right.”

Morgan’s daughter, Andelyse Deal, is a mother of two who lives on Eleuthera.

“Losing her right now, it hurts a lot,” she said.

Raised by her grandparents, Deal said she did not know her mother very well when she was growing up.

However, she told The Nassau Guardian that she and Morgan had recently begun building a relationship when she was suddenly killed.

She said, “Up to the week before she died, she was asking me to come and see her and everything. She wanted to see her two grandchildren, and I wasn’t able to come because of funds.”

Deal added, “When I broke the news to my brother, he started panicking.”

She said it took hours to confirm whether the victim was their mother.

“Finally, it was confirmed to us that she did die, and that was the worst news that a person could hear, that your mother got knocked down,” she said.

“And what hurt me even more was knowing the fact that the person who did it just fled the scene. You know what I mean?

“She is a human, no one deserves that.”

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