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NAD names top airline service performers at LPIA

Nassau Airport Development Company (NAD) named Bahamasair, Air Canada and United Airlines as the top Airport Service Quality (ASQ) performers at Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA).

According to NAD, those airlines earned high marks on passenger surveys in the final quarter of 2018 – Bahamasair for domestic routes, Air Canada for international routes and United Airlines for U.S. routes. ASQ is a world-renowned and globally established benchmarking program measuring passengers’ satisfaction while they are travelling through an airport.

“Every quarter, passengers score airlines operating commercial service out of LPIA on key performance indicators relating to the overall check-in process,” NAD noted in a press statement yesterday.

“Survey questions focus specifically on three areas—waiting time in check-in queue/line, efficiency of check-in staff and the courtesy and helpfulness of check-in staff.”

NAD began the ASQ survey program in 2011 as a way to benchmark LPIA with other airports in the region and with global airports serving 2 million to 5 million passengers annually.

According to NAD, the airport processed almost 3.7 million passengers last year. That number was up 11 percent as compared to 2017.

The company added that, given the increase in traffic, it was even more important to closely monitor its customers’ satisfaction scores.

NAD Vice President of Operations Deborah Coleby said the company paid particular attention to service levels provided in the terminals.

“The ASQ survey program gives us a snapshot of how our passengers experience the terminals at LPIA,” she said.

“Results highlight areas where we are performing well and also provide key indicators on areas where improvement is needed. With increased traffic in each sector of our operations, we began meeting with our partners in the third quarter of 2018 to discuss strategies to continue to improve service levels. As a result, in the third quarter of 2018, we saw an increase in our KPIs (key performance indicators).”

The scores showed improvements in check-in time, efficiency of check-in staff and courtesy, helpfulness of check-in staff.

“We want to congratulate all of our airport partners, particularly the winners from the most recent quarter for their commitment to providing a high level of service,” Coleby said.

“Our goal is to continue to support our stakeholders as we meet and exceed what is required to run a safe and efficient airport operation.”

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