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PM rejects claims of campaigning with govt resources

Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis refuted claims from the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) that he is campaigning on the people’s purse, suggesting the opposition is not accustomed to the idea of The Bahamas not being “Nassau-centric”.

“… We live in a bubble in isolation and many believe that Nassau is The Bahamas, very Nassau-centric,” Minnis said.

“We believe that when I speak here that Andros is listening, Cat Island is listening, etc. We’re wrong. When you go through you would be surprised; they don’t have the proper communication. You’d be surprised that Cable Bahamas is shown in that particular area or settlement or on that island. You’d be surprised they don’t have ZNS.

“So, going through, they would be more than happy to welcome the prime minister who comes through and showing an interest and explaining what is happening throughout The Bahamas. They’re now understanding that The Bahamas is not Nassau. It’s not Nassau, and that’s a commitment we made and I will continue. The opposition is not accustomed to it.”

Last week, PLP Leader Philip Brave Davis and PLP Deputy Leader Chester Cooper slammed the prime minister after he criticized the party at an Exuma town meeting, which was held a few days earlier, for not supporting a disaster management contingency loan being facilitated by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

In response to Minnis’ comments, Cooper said, “Not only is it comical that the prime minister seeks credit for capital works that have been developed over successive administrations, it is offensive that he is campaigning using the people’s money.”

Davis said the prime minister should bring his concerns to the House of Assembly instead of “campaigning on the public’s purse”.

Minnis has repeatedly bashed the PLP in those meetings.

But on Saturday, Minnis fired back at the opposition, asserting that “whenever we call election, then you will see what campaigning is all about”.

“I know Brave Davis [is] listening,” he said.

“Let me answer straight: When we came in, I made a solemn commitment to the Bahamian populace that when there are national events, after budget, or any matters that [are] of concern especially to The Bahamas, we are not Nassau-centric.

“It’s essential that the Family Islanders know too, and I will go through the various different islands explaining those particular national issues, how we came to decisions, how we spend their money, etc.”

The prime minister has hosted town meetings on Andros, Exuma and Eleuthera so far this month.

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