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PM: U.S. to look into travel advisories


U.S. President Donald Trump promised Caribbean leader to have the issue of travel advisories issued by the U.S. “looked into” after it was raised by Caribbean leaders who attended a meeting with the president in Florida on Friday, according to Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis.

Minnis attended the meeting with four other Caribbean leaders at the president’s invitation.

Minnis noted that a travel advisory as just recently issued would likely create unnecessary fear that could damage The Bahamas’ economy.

“That is significant to us because we are a tourist destination,” said Minnis at a press conference at Lynden Pindling International Airport after he returned to the country on Saturday.

“Eighty percent of our GDP comes from tourism. We’re doing very well in tourism at this particular time.

“And the travel advisory which we interpret [should be] one to inform one’s citizens to be aware of problems as opposed to initiate fear.

“So, we brought that point across and the president was very concerned as to how that’s impacting us. And I would have explained that.

“And I also pointed out that out when one looks at the amount of criminal attacks or involvement of the American tourists versus our population [it’s] very negligible.

“That is, we’re talking about 0.004 percent of Americans…which is negligible.”

Minnis said he also pointed out that some of the information in the advisory appears to be inaccurate.

“…Of greater concern it appears that the travel advisories are being recycled,” Minnis said.

“That some of the information that is on the travel advisory is not pertinent today, because buildings or restaurants that they may have referred to no longer exist.

“Those buildings may have been destroyed two, three years ago.”

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