Friday, Feb 21, 2020

Be flexible

The message contained in the title of today’s article is indeed most important, yes, it is. But D. Paul why is it so important, why do I need to be flexible, you may query. Well, because flexible people are the ones who get ahead in life much quicker than those who are totally rigid in their thinking, those who say this is the way I planned on going and no matter what happens, I will not change course for anyone. Now on the surface, that may seem very positive indeed, however, there will come times in all of our lives when we need to change course so to speak, when we most definitely need to be flexible so that we can eventually achieve our goals and objectives and reach the target, which is of course success city.

Let me relay to you a true story to illustrate my very important point here today. I remember well, back in I believe it was 1968, I experienced my first hurricane in The Bahamas which was named Betsy. When the winds had finally died down and we got the all clear, me and my fiancé, who eventually became my wife went out for a drive around the island of New Providence to view the damage. It was quite an eye opener as they say, as there were large trees lying all over the place which had been broken by the force of the winds as the hurricane passed through. However, at the beach which had a lot of palm trees surrounding it, these palm trees, although completely bent over very nearly to the sand, were not broken. Why? Because they were totally flexible.

Yes, my friend, we’ve all heard that well-known saying I’m sure which goes like this, bend or break which is oh so true. Yes, my friend, if you wish to achieve your goals in life and thus become and indeed remain successful, across the board, well then, there’s no doubt about it whatsoever, you need to consistently do as the title of today’s article instructs you to, and that is be flexible.

 Think about it!

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