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PM ‘purging’ police of PLPs

Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Leader Philip Brave Davis charged yesterday that Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis is “purging the police force of PLPs”.

He was referring to the recent shakeup in the force. Eight senior officers were directed by the commissioner to take their many weeks of accumulated vacation. The officers are expected to retire at the end of their leave.

Davis described the forced vacation leaves for officers as “shocking”.

“There’s no obvious need for a vacation to be taken at the time without understanding the exigencies of the service of the police and how taking vacation for such a long period of time for so many senior officers will impact the effectiveness of the organization,” Davis said.

“I think all of those things ought to be addressed.”

Davis added: “It just shows the ineptness.”

The opposition leader claimed that Minnis is “purging the force of PLPs”.

While noting that the prime minister is unable to give a coherent explanation for the government’s conduct, Davis said that there will be some innocent individuals impacted by the shakeup.

The eight officers sent on leave were, Deputy Commissioner Emrick Seymour; Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Stephen Dean; ACP Clarence Reckley; ACP Clayton Fernander; ACP Ashton Greenslade; ACP Kendal Strachan; ACP Leamond Deleveaux and ACP Theophilus Cunningham.

This leaves ACP Samuel Butler, ACP Ismella Davis and ACP Paul Rolle in that rank on the force.

When asked about the move on Saturday, Minnis said, “What is wrong with taking vacation?

“They are entitled to their vacation. They were asked to take vacation. What is wrong with that? We have a very astute and organized commissioner of police.”

But Davis said yesterday, “…It is ludicrous for anyone to assume or to brush off the sending off of so many police officers all at one time for such a long period of time.”

Minister of National Security Marvin Dames suggested last week that there will be more moves in law enforcement.

“These agencies are bigger than any one individual,” he said.

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