Sunday, Jan 26, 2020
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Bishops call for war on guns

Dear Editor,

Most of the senseless killings in recent times are being committed by persons illegally in possession of guns.

Notably, guns are not manufactured in The Bahamas and persons found illegally importing guns should face the stiffest penalty in the law. Guns are too easily available to criminals involved in nefarious activities.

We, as concerned and frustrated religious and community leaders, call on the minister of national security to lead the war on guns by leading efforts to amend relevant legislation which would significantly increase the present penalty for the illegal possession of guns.

We further encourage concerned and responsible parents to engage in this war by not harboring children engaged in criminality or knowingly benefitting from their criminal activities. Indeed, we commend the local father who recently turned his son in to the authorities for the latter’s criminal activities.

Efforts to drastically reduce crime must be led by the government, but every Bahamian citizen and resident must participate in the war on guns.

— Bishop Simeon B. Hall, Bishop Victor Cooper, Bishop Greg Minnis, Bishop J. Carl Rahming, Bishop Ross Davis 


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