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Teen gets probation for threatening ex-girlfriend

A teenager who brandished a knife as he threatened to hurt his former girlfriend if he saw her with another man was yesterday placed on two years’ probation.

Anthony Whylly, 18, of Edgecombe Drive, Fox Hill, pleaded guilty to three counts of assault with a dangerous instrument at his arraignment before Magistrate Samuel McKinney.

According to the prosecutor, Inspector Philip Davis, the incident happened on a church bus around 11:20 p.m. on March 23.

Davis said Whylly sat next to the young woman, whom he had dated for two years before their relationship went south, and pressed a knife against her thigh. Then Whylly told her he would harm her if he caught her with another man.

Whylly’s ex-girlfriend has not been identified because she is still a minor.

The victim’s brother and the church bus driver, Kirkwood Newbold, intervened, and Whylly pulled the knife on them too, Davis said.

He was eventually kicked off the bus and the police were called, Davis said.

Whylly’s lawyer, Jomo Campbell, said that his client was sorry about the incident.

Campbell said that Whylly was hurt to know that his former love interest was in fear.

McKinney took the circumstances of the case into consideration — Whylly’s early guilty plea and lack of criminal record before he found the charges proven — but did not move to conviction.

Whylly’s criminal record will remain clean if he stays out of legal trouble for the next two years and does not interfere with any of the complainants in the matter.

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