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Teen stabbed to death

The family of a ninth-grade T.A. Thompson Junior High School student who was stabbed to death yesterday said he was consistently bullied at school.

Police said the teen died in hospital Tuesday afternoon after he was stabbed around 3 p.m. during a brawl with another high school student on Pitt Road in the Chippingham area.

Police said they arrested a teenager in connection with the matter.

Relatives identified the victim as Perry Rolle, 15, who they called “PJ”.

When The Nassau Guardian visited Rolle’s Wilson Track Road home yesterday evening, scores of relatives had gathered inside, mourning.

Inside a packed living room, a few dozen women began to pray: “Lord, help to strengthen the family.”

They prayed several times.

At the heart of the room was Rolle’s mother, who was inconsolable.

At times she sat in silence. At times she broke out into sobs and screams.

Relatives gathered around her. A wet towel was on her forehead as tears streamed down her face.

Lisa Delhomme, Rolle’s aunt, said he was a kind boy but claimed that he was fiercely bullied in school.

She said her nephew was stabbed at least two or three times before.

“He was very playful,” she said.

“We had [our] ups and downs, but you know, that’s still my nephew.

“I still love him regardless.

“But you know when he goes to school it’s a whole different ballgame.

“That is the government sector [and] he has to be on his guard.

“He [had] to always stand up for himself because things like this always happened.

“So, he had to become the person he became because of the influence in school.

“So that’s why he had to always have his guard up.

“But this time, he didn’t have his guard up.”

Delhomme said he was suspended from school several times.

Gladys Louis, Rolle’s mother, said, “He always [felt] like he had to defend himself, like he always had to fight to defend himself.

“He always said, ‘Mommy, I have to defend myself. Mommy, I have to defend myself.’”

As for the bullying, Delhomme said that there were several teachers and administrators who looked out for Rolle.

“…You know they always call his mom when incidents happen,” she said.

“They have some teachers that reached out to his mom when incidents like that happen.

“So, his homeroom teacher was very protective of him and [his] guidance counselor.

“So, he had some people at the school that really looked out for him and was there for him.”

This latest incident pushed the murder count to 18 for the year.

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