Tuesday, Jul 14, 2020
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Be compassionate

I honestly believe that compassion is an extremely important quality to a person as we travel this journey through life, doing our very best to finally reach success city. However, we must not be so into ourselves that we totally ignore the so often very obvious plight of others as we go through our daily routine. I guess that in order to be totally compassionate we have to be extremely observant, coupled with a large dose of empathy. I do believe that anyone who purports to be a compassionate individual will by nature be extremely spiritual. Note, I did not mention religion, I write about being spiritual in nature.

In other words, when you come in contact with someone who is obviously going through an extremely difficult time, it is important that rather than completely ignore that person who is going through a very difficult time, you will stop and speak to them to ascertain if there is any way in which you can assist them with their suffering. Of course, as mentioned already, one needs to be extremely empathetic to be able to put oneself figuratively in the shoes of the other person and walk a mile in his or her shoes. Once you literally feel their pain, you do your very best to assist them in any way you can.

Yes indeed, we need a whole lot more compassion in our world today, in our communities and in our country. It’s not all about you, it’s about doing one’s very best to make a worthwhile contribution to the country in which we reside, and to do ones best to assist others as they travel the road of life, doing their best, possibly under difficult circumstances to be successful.

Yes, my friend, from this day forward, if you have not been too compassionate, I want you to make a genuine effort to, as today’s title puts it, be compassionate when you notice someone who is hurting in some way. Surely this is the spiritual, the correct, the right thing to do. Yes, indeed it is. So, make a resolution right now, this very minute, to be compassionate and you will experience great happiness and a whole lot of success, I guarantee it.

 Think about it!

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