Thursday, May 28, 2020
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Beware of the Momo challenge

Dear Editor,


Bahamian parents must exercise due diligence in monitoring what their kids are viewing on social media, especially since the advent of the sickening Momo challenge game, which has been reported in the United States, the United kingdom, Argentina, Mexico, France and Germany.

The Momo challenge has been linked to the deaths of three young South Americans. Like the Blue Whale Game that was responsible for 130 deaths, Momo issues a challenge to its young, impressionable participants to commit suicide. Failure to comply would result in a hideous curse.

Parents beware of what your kids are viewing on their phones, laptops, Kindle and Apple tablets. Momo is a gaunt looking woman with grotesque features that are eerily similar to demons. The Momo image was created by a Japanese artist named Midori Hayashi, who isn’t linked to the suicide game.

With presumably thousands of Bahamian toddlers watching Peppa Pig on YouTube, where the Momo challenge has popped up occasionally, nothing can be taken for granted. Momo has also popped up on the Minecraft video game on YouTube. Again, due diligence must be taken.


– Kevin Evans


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