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Humes: Parents should be held accountable for underage kids

Fort Charlotte MP Mark Humes said yesterday that the country has a gang problem and parents need to be held accountable by law for their underage children. Humes spoke to reporters on the T.A. Thompson Junior High School campus where a memorial assembly was being held for 15-year-old Percy Rolle Jr., a student who was murdered in the area after school Tuesday.

“There are many laws on the books that relate to parental oversight of young people and I think we’re going to have to look at those carefully and see how we’re holding parents responsible for their underage children,” said Humes, whose constituency is near the schools.

Rolle’s family claimed he was bullied on several occasions, saying Tuesday was the third or fourth time he was stabbed.

“In no instance is bullying acceptable,” Humes said.

“Again, these are young people that we are dealing with.

“They are just forming in their ability to think and to act critically.

“It’s important, that’s why I say, we have to look at not just these kids, but we have to look at those persons [who] are responsible for bringing them safely through this life in coaching and guiding them through this life…”

Humes said that he wishes comfort for the children who lost their schoolmate and friend to this violent incident.

“It’s truly sad again for young people to have to witness this,” he said.

“It has become so common now that it seems as if they become immune to this condition.

“But I know they go through a tremendous amount.

“So, right now I just wish them comfort, I wish them God’s grace as they go through this period. I wish them strength.

“But at the same time, I’m hoping that these incidences don’t just slip by them.

“[I hope] that they take stock and they also look at the roles that they play in these things happening as well and make some changes in themselves.”

Humes said that he wishes peace to both families because both would have lost a young family member in the incident; one to violence and one to the system.

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