Thursday, May 28, 2020
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Is the PLP anti-jobs?

Dear Editor,


I must say that I am very surprised at the anti-development, anti-job stance adopted lately by Her Majesty’s Official Opposition. The Progressive Liberal Party was once a party of the people, the party of the working man. This is no longer the case, it would seem. Nowadays, a new-look PLP is everywhere criticizing the government for signing deals that create much-needed jobs for struggling communities and give regular Bahamians hope for their future and security for their families.

In fact, they are even repeating the talking points of wealthy and exclusive special interests who have never felt the bite of economic hardship and therefore have very different priorities from the average Bahamian. How far from the vision of Sir Lynden Pindling. Who would have thought that we would witness this day?

Case in point is the Disney project in South Eleuthera. It would seem that the cries of the people of Bannerman Town and Millar’s, of Freetown and Wemyss Bight, can no longer be heard by the PLP. These opportunity-starved communities have been long been hoping and praying for economic salvation in the form of such a project, yet when it finally comes, the opposition can see no good in it. All they can do is criticize.

Are they criticizing for criticizing sake, or is something else going on here? Could it be that the FNM and Dr. Hubert Minnis, with their message that it is “The People’s Time”, have snatched the title of defender of the people from the PLP, leaving them to search around for a new class of supporters? Are we witnessing the switching of the roles of the country’s two main parties? Is the PLP, the former party of the downtrodden, becoming the party of the elites?


– Ricardo Johnson


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