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Bahamians not ready to run landfill operations

It will be three years until Bahamians can take over the day-to-day operations at the New Providence Landfill, Waste Resources Development Group (WRDG) Chairman Henry Dean said yesterday.

“We are assisted by two groups of non-Bahamians, one from Canada and one from the United States,” Dean said at a Rotary Club of West Nassau meeting.

“They bring the scientific technology to the table.

“We have said to the government to give us three years, and Bahamians will be up to par for taking this over.

“And so immediately after we signed this agreement, our foreign partners have been mandated to identify Bahamians to shadow them.

“We have two or three Bahamians, qualified Bahamians, who may not have had the kind of exposure and experiences in this science, working to get training so that in three years thereabouts, Bahamians will take over this project.”

Last month, the government signed an agreement with the New Providence Ecology Park (NPEP), which comprises the WRDG and Providence Advisors, for a $45 million multi-phased redevelopment of the New Providence Landfill.

NPEP took over operation of the landfill two weeks ago, Dean said.

NPEP Chairman Kenwood Kerr said at last month’s signing that the landfill will be converted into “a purposefully engineered landfill and material recovery facility” featuring a park.

The deal followed years of challenges at the landfill.

Addressing longstanding problems at the landfill was a key campaign pledge of the Free National Movement.

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