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Carnival Corner | It’s carnival season – let your hair down and have fun

If a zombie apocalypse ever came to the Caribbean, I suspect those impacted would look similar to someone who’d been to J’ouvert.

It’s more than just the powder, paint or mud that literally covers the participants – it’s also the music that infects. It’s intoxicating. It’ll have you doing things you wouldn’t normally do: like deprive yourself of sleep to party, fete and wine. In any other situation people would call you crazy, but in the carnival fraternity, you’re a soca-holic. In English, you’re a badass.

Those were the vibes at Bahamas Masqueraders Glow Fete – a J’ouvert-like event that attracted hundreds.

It’s no surprise why people flocked to this party; organizers thought of almost everything. There was water coming from a crane that was about 30 feet in the air, a foam corner, live entertainment and lots of paint and powder.

And with their carnival-inspired drinks, Glow Fete was bacchanal.

Road ahead

As we drawer closer to Bahamas Carnival, the anticipation is heightening. As I’ve said before, this is shaping up to be the best year ever for Bahamas Carnival. It will undoubtedly cure all cases of tabanca.

But before we get to the big dance, you have to prepare yourselves. Luckily, it’s getting easier to get all of your carnival essentials locally.

Let’s face it, it can be very expensive to enjoy carnival abroad. Between paying for travel, accommodations, transportation, costumes and fete, you could be a few thousand dollars in the hole. So, take full advantage of Bahamas Carnival.

Go to fetes. This is probably the best way to become familiar with the latest soca and Bahamian music. Figure out which parties you want to go to and commit to them. There’s no shortage of good events this season.

Secure your costumes. You should have done this already. But if you’re a classic Bahamian, you’re likely waiting until the last minute. Stop this. Costumes are selling quickly. Go make a down payment today.

Purchase your accessories. Whether you’ll be sporting glitter stocking, studded shades, blinged out tennis or boots, or a translucent fanny pack, it’s time to start ordering those goodies.

Give yourself a break. Don’t be afraid to have some fun. You may be the consummate professional in the workplace, but during the carnival season, everyone is a soca-holic. So allow yourself to have some fun.

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