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Father of slain child: Govt schools not safe

The father of a teenager who was stabbed to death on Tuesday said yesterday that Bahamians should not send their children to government schools.

“For the Bahamian public, if you all love your children don’t send them to no more government school,” Perry Rolle Sr., 48, told The Nassau Guardian.

“Spend your money. Right now, [you are] sending your kids to government school and they [are] getting killed. It is not safe. Spend your money and send them to some place safe.

“Do not send them to no government school. You will save your kid.”

Perry Rolle Jr., 15, was stabbed in the chest by a student from C.C. Sweeting Senior High School during a fight on Pitt Road, officials said.

He later died in hospital.

His family said he was a victim of bullying and had been attacked multiple times.

Perry Rolle Sr., who walked into The Guardian looking to speak about his son, admitted that they didn’t live together.

“My son loved his daddy,” he cried out.

“I loved my son and my son loved his daddy. Why you think I so hot? He loved his daddy. My son told me never to leave him. Now he leave his daddy.

“I didn’t leave you baby, you leave me. Your daddy still here. I want you to believe that. Your daddy still here baby. You tell me don’t leave you, P. I didn’t leave you.

“…Just by you bringing it up I don’t want to talk because it’s hurting. That’s my baby.”

Rolle said he pleaded with his son’s mother, Gladys Louis, to take their son out of T.A. Thompson after he was stabbed the first two times.

“I told this young lady move this boy out this school,” Rolle said.

“She told me she was going to move him, but she never moved him.”

Louis told The Nassau Guardian that she planned to send Rolle Jr. to live with relatives in Orlando, Florida, and was waiting for him to finish his exams at T.A.

‘My son is gone’

As he spoke with The Guardian, Rolle held his one-year-old son Elisha Rolle in his arms.

He said his infant son turned one yesterday.

“This is his little brother. [His] birthday [is] today. [He] turned one, E.J.,” Rolle said.

“I was just going to take the two of them to take their pictures.

“I had that promised, for him and his little brother to take pictures. Now, my son [is] gone. I have to put his cake in the hole now.”

Rolle Sr. said he’s been struggling to cope with his son’s death.

“My son got killed,” he said. “There was a problem at school. The problem was going on for a time now.

“[Two] incidents happened, now my son died on the [third] incident.”

‘He never harmed anybody’

Rolle said his son was not a gang member as some have suggested.

“Whether it was gang-related, my son wasn’t in no gang,” Rolle said.

“He never harmed anybody. These people killed my son because they say they didn’t like the area he lived in. That’s what the [police] told me. That’s what the little boys killed my son for.

“…Where are these kids’ parents? What are they doing?”

He also took issue with comments made by Education Minister Jeffrey Lloyd.

During an address following a memorial assembly for Rolle Jr., Lloyd noted that the incident did not take place on school grounds.

He said the incident was unfortunate but noted that school campuses are still safe.

“Now to Mr. Lloyd, I want you to know, the statement you made, that’s my son,” Rolle Sr. said.

“You can’t be coming in public talking these things. That’s my son.

“…He made it seem like my son don’t value nothing, [saying] he wasn’t on the school campus.”

When contacted yesterday, Lloyd said he never meant any disrespect to “anybody’s life”.

“I have been a proponent of life since I could know myself,” Lloyd said.

“So, if that’s how he interpreted it, I find that to be unfortunate. And if anything that I would have said, anything, in any shape or form [for] anyone to misunderstand, I do sincerely apologize. But I stand by what I said and I am not going to retract from that one iota.

“Our campuses are safe. This incident did not happen on the campus.

“This is a community, I said that and I mean that. This is a community liability.”

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