Sunday, May 31, 2020

Wake up!

I forget right this moment who said “cccording to what we should be, we’re only half awake.” Yes indeed that is so true. Now some may query, “how could that be D. Paul that we are walking around and yet you say we’re only half awake?” Well as I have relayed to you over and over again in these articles, you are a tremendously talented child of God. Now some people unfortunately are not aware of their uniqueness and the special talents which they possess, whilst others are aware of these facts, and yet they are going around each and every day as if they were in a dream and thus are not working real hard to make their goals and objectives a reality in life; that is of course if they ever set them.

So, it is to these people that I state the two-word title of todays’ article wake up. Yes, and do it right now. If you wish to be successful, across the board, you really need to be fully awake each and every day as you eagerly and indeed quite aggressively pursue your goals with everything which you’ve got. Yes indeed, you’ve really got to be awake and thus pursue your goals and objectives with a whole lot of energy and enthusiasm as you travel the road of life on your way to success city.

Here’s a simple phrase which you need to say a few times with believability first thing in the morning being convinced of course of every word. Now here’s the phrase “I feel happy. I feel healthy. I feel terrific.” Now, believe me when I tell you, that if you say that simple little phrase, which incidentally I learnt from Dr. Paul Masters, president of the University of Metaphysics, you will hopefully completely wake up. And thus, have a great day.

Yes indeed, if you truly want to become and remain successful in all aspects of your life, you need to as today’s short two-word title simply and succinctly puts it wake up to the opportunities which are all around you which you need to take full advantage of by working real hard using all of the wonderful talents which the Creator bestowed on you at birth. Yes indeed, you’ll have a great day and life as long as you wake up. Yes, you will.

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