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A drummer’s letter of thanks

Dear Editor,

My sincere and heartfelt thanks go out to the members of the Nassau Beach Alumni Association for an amazingly spectacular tribute in my honor on March 1, 2019, at the Barabbas House, Junkanoo World in Oakes Field.

I want to publicly thank George Myers, Brendan Foulkes, Bryan McCartney, Creselle Dean, Rolland Rose and Quinton ‘Barabbas’ Woodside for all the effort, time and talent they gave to making the tribute so memorable, heartwarming and enjoyable.

Also, I thank a host of others who made that event what it was that night, sharing their music and kind words of appreciation as well as their contributions of work, time, food, drink and amazing decorations.

My spirit was lifted and my heart filled with all the generous outpouring of love and appreciation for my years of entertainment work in The Bahamas. To see so many of my Bahamian entertainment brothers and sisters of the past and present meant the world to me.

The night captured the spirit of entertainment as it was long ago. It brought together, so effectively, the old night club memories and feelings of the past to the present generation. The evening preserved the past, lighting the way for the current and future Bahamian entertainers.

Our Bahamian musical heritage and culture must be preserved, enjoyed and carried on for generations to come. This event opened a path for this goal to continue into the future, marrying past Bahamian talent to present, as well as hope for future musicians and artists.

Many thanks to all who participated and attended, making this event as spectacular as it was.


– John Berkley “Peanuts” Taylor

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