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PLP leader laments ‘horrific’ stabbing of teen

Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Leader Philip Brave Davis called the recent stabbing of a teenager “horrific”, asserting that a Davis administration would focus on rehabilitation to deter incidents like this from happening.

“It’s a horrific incident that speaks to our need to continue to dialogue with respect to conflict resolution, particularly among our young people,” Davis said in a recent interview.

“Clearly, these are minds that are still being shaped and formed and you have to find a way to help our young people to appreciate that there are other ways and to walk away doesn’t specify weakness, rather strength, because you are stronger to walk away and weaker to confront danger at all times.”

On Tuesday, Perry Rolle, 15, a ninth grade student at T.A. Thompson Junior High School, was stabbed in the chest during a brawl with another student from C.C. Sweeting Senior High School, according to officials.

When asked if incidents like this should lead to a national conversation about bullying, Davis said, “Well, again, I don’t know the circumstances under which all of this would’ve occurred but there’s no doubt that bullying is an issue in schools and have been so for quite a while.

“…The introduction of conflict resolution and finding alternative ways and means of dealing with tensions that exist between our young people is a necessary intervention, now more than ever. I think we have to pay some attention to ensuring that occurs.”

The opposition leader said a Davis administration would put “more resources in what I call the book end of criminal activity”.

Prevention and rehabilitation would be at the core of his government’s war on crime, according to Davis.

“Quite often, too much emphasis is placed on prosecution and punishment,” he said.

Davis added: “We’re not paying much attention to prevention.

“When they get punished, that punishment has to have a significant element of rehabilitation in it to avoid recidivism and to attempt to ensure that people who committed those offenses will be rehabilitated.”

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