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Former chamber CEO outlines progressive programs likely to improve economic, social fabric

The Bahamas has embarked on some progressive programs that are likely to greatly improve the economic and social fabric, former Chief Executive Officer of the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employers’ Confederation (BCCEC) Edison Sumner said on Friday.

Sumner, who spoke to the media following a press conference, said the government’s apprenticeship program being carried out by the Ministry of Labour, the government’s digital transformation and the country’s full accession to the World Trade Organization, are three very progressive steps.

Sumner said the apprenticeship program is a “progressive move because that is going to give people in this country an opportunity to develop new skills, to be trained in new areas and to be given new opportunities to get into new industries”.

According to Sumner, the digital transformation of government services “will be huge”.

“When that happens, that’s going to be a significant shift for government services in the country,” he said.

“Now you’re going to be having less of a reliance on human intervention or physical intervention. A lot of the services will become digitized.”

He said technology will be how everything is run in the future.

He explained that the country’s accession to the WTO will change the entire paradigm of its trade regime.

Sumner said Bahamians should stop being concerned about whether the country will join the WTO, and prepare themselves for the eventuality of accession to the trade body.

“The conversation has to change, we need to start talking about how we’re going to prepares ourselves.”

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