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Don’t forget to thank them

I’m quite sure that we all have a whole lot of people who assist us in many ways to become and remain successful. Now it is my contention that it’s very important for us to thank all of the people who assist us in having a good day, and I do mean everybody. Now let me ask you a couple of questions to jog your memory and thus let you know in no uncertain way, to give thanks to all who assist you day after day as you go about your activities.

Firstly of course, I do sincerely hope and pray that you don’t forget to thank the Creator of the universe first thing each and every morning upon awakening to a brand-new day full of great opportunities to succeed. You need to thank the Creator daily for the gift of life and for giving you all of your special and unique talents which once discovered, developed, refined and polished can take you anywhere you want to go in life. Yes indeed, you need each and every day to be thankful to the Creator for the gift of life.

Now of course, on the list of those who you need to thank are members of your immediate family – your parents who in all probability worked very hard to give you a good grounding and excellent education so that you can really excel in life. In so many cases, parents and guardians sacrificed in order to give their children the very best they could, under the circumstance. So, as the title of todays’ article simply and succinctly puts it, don’t forget to thank them for their sacrifice and love.

I’d like to suggest that you actually make a list of all of those wonderful people who are in your life, who are always there for you when you need them – your spouse, your children and all of the loyal relatives, your dear friends who are always there for you when you have problems in life and need someone to listen to you. Yes indeed, please heed this very important lesson – don’t forget to thank them.

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