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Family speaks out after abduction 

The mother of the eight-year-old boy who was taken from his Collins Close home off Lumumba Lane on Friday night said yesterday that the incident left her traumatized.

Police said two boys were standing in front of their home around 9 p.m. on Friday when a woman driving a silver car stopped and spoke to the boys.

While the older brother walked away, police said the woman lured the younger one into her car and drove away.

The woman later dropped the boy unharmed off near the entrance of the city dump on the Tonique Williams-Darling Highway.

But Tamara Rowe said her eldest son told her that the woman grabbed her youngest boy, Sachin Henry, 8, and fled.

Jaymar Whyley, 13, and Henry told their mother that the kidnapper tricked them.

“My kids [were] by the neighbor, [who] is my friend,” Rowe told The Nassau Guardian.

“They [were] there and apparently they were going home to get some clothes.

“[When] they left out of the house, reaching to the gate, a car pulled up. The lady put the window down and she said to my oldest son, ‘Go and call your sister.’

“He said, ‘Sister?’

“He said that he thought she meant the lady inside.

“He turned away and went to call her and he said by the time he got by the door he realized the lady had grabbed [his brother] and drove off in the car with him.”

Rowe said she was at work during the time of the incident.

“I was just traumatized,” she said.

“I was just screaming.

“I just lost control. I totally lost control.”

She said she got home in about 10 minutes and the police were already there.

“About 45 minutes after, I got a call and the person said my child is [at] the dump. I started to scream, scream, scream.

“And then the police took the phone and he took the information.”

Henry told The Guardian that he was terrified.

He said a heavyset lady wearing a headband opened the door, pulled him over the driver’s seat and locked the doors.

He said he begged the lady to take him back home but she turned the radio up and kept driving.

His older brother, Jaymar, didn’t comment.

When asked about the ordeal, he began to cry.

His mother said her eldest son blames himself for what happened. 

This is the seventh alleged kidnapping since mid-February.

Chief Superintendent Solomon Cash told The Guardian that police believe that four of the incidents are connected.

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