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Maritime festival to be held on May 11

The first ever maritime festival will be held at the Nassau Container Port on May 11 and will be a conduit for those who are interested in participating in the maritime industry.

President and Chief Executive Officer of the Arawak Port Development Company (APD) Mike Maura said the organizations that will be supported by the festival are the LJM Maritime Academy, the Royal Bahamas Defence Force Rangers and the Bahamas Reef Environment Educational Foundation.

The festival will be free of charge for attendees. The festival’s organizers also want the event to be free of single-use plastics, and are asking vendors to adhere to this.

The organizers are also asking Bahamians to show up with their resumes.

Maura said 2019 marks ten years since APD has been in operation and he credited all of its maritime partners and stakeholders with its success.

He said the company is in the process of completing its ISO 14001 environmental management certification.

Customs Department Superintendent Mark Daniels said the Customs Department plans to have a booth on display showcasing various aspects of the department.

“I would like to make special note that the scope of Bahamas customs’ primary function has widened from simply collecting revenue to border protection,” he said.

Operations Manager of RoRo Shipping Company Trevor Carey said his company plans to bring a vessel to the festival, so that kids interested in the maritime industry can have a tour.

Carey said RoRo is a small Bahamian shipping company with five vessels that service the Family Islands and a South Florida route.

“APD has been a strength for us as a small Bahamian company, because it has helped us and encouraged us to improve our processes,” he said.

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