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The dangers of the transgender movement

Dear Editor,

Executives of the LGBTQI think tank United Caribbean Trans Network (UCTRANS), under the auspices of the head of Bahamas Transgender, Intersex United (BTIU), will converge in The Bahamas in April in order to discuss issues relating to their sexual orientation. Whoever informed The Tribune about this meeting made certain to add that the executives will hail from CARICOM and the Organization of American States (OAS) countries, as if to lend validation to their cause and to intimidate the Minnis administration.

Also worth noting is that the information regarding the venue for the upcoming homosexual event is ambiguous, perhaps due to safety concerns. UCTRANS is a relatively new organization. Yet it wants Bahamian traditionalists and the constitution to officially recognize Bahamian transgender women as women, notwithstanding them being assigned as male at birth; and transgender men as men, despite them being assigned as female at birth. What UCTRANS is advocating for is as awkwardly confusing as Bruce Jenner now calling himself Caitlyn Jenner after purportedly suffering from gender dysphoria.

UCTRANS’ ultimate goal will only create a topsy-turvy situation in the country if the Bahamian government were to acquiesce to its demands. What would be the legal and moral ramifications of transgender Bahamians dashing off to the Registrar General’s Department, NIB, Road Traffic Department and the Passport Office to have their government-issued documents changed to reflect their supposed new gender identity? Will transgender female students of government schools seek to use the female restrooms, which in my opinion, would inevitably lead to a social crisis?

Will UCTRANS eventually seek to lobby powerful OAS member states such as the U.S. and Canada to bully tiny developing CARICOM countries such as The Bahamas to tinker with the Marriage Act and the Marriage Maritime Act to accommodate same-sex marriages? The Progressive Liberal Party government of the late Sir Lynden O. Pindling legalized gay sex between consenting adults in 1991 as a conciliatory approach for the LGBTQI community. But for UCTRANS and BTIU, this is insufficient; they obviously want far more.

As an independently sovereign state, The Bahamas is well within its rights to reject any proposal that is morally and biologically untenable. Deuteronomy 22:5 makes it patently clear that transgenderism and its attendant cross-dressing are an abomination.

– Kevin Evans

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