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BTC closes franchise locations, master distributors

Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) revealed yesterday that it has closed several of its franchise locations and master distributors in order to “manage our customer support more effectively”.

In a statement, BTC Chief Executive Officer Garry Sinclair said the company has been in the process of transforming its “touchpoints” in order to retain its market share. He explained that BTC has been streamlining its processes so that it can effectively “maintain our position as the first choice of our customers”.

“In this current phase we are empowering all of our franchised stores to provide end-to-end support for all fixed, broadband and mobile solutions,” Sinclair said.

“Additionally, we are increasing the use of technology and introducing kiosks to enable bill payment and top-up transactions.

“We are also assessing our current franchise and master distributor footprint to ensure that we are in the right locations and that we are able to efficiently meet the needs of our customers. In this regard, we have reduced the number of franchise locations and master distributors.”

He did not reveal how many stores were closed. He said BTC continues to invest in its network in order to deliver the best fixed, mobile and business-to-business services across The Bahamas.

Sinclair told Guardian Business late last year that BTC still has a tough battle ahead as it continues to transition out of its monopoly position.

Aliv’s entry into the mobile market eroded BTC’s customer base, but the company has recently rolled out several customer value propositions it hopes would reignite excitement for BTC’s services.

“What that means is developing propositions to both acquire the customers you want and to retain, and then to continue to move subscribers on the lower end of the segmentation exercise, up the value chain,” Sinclair said in November.

“We are developing CVPs (customer value propositions) that will resonate with the Bahamian public.

“We are not conceding anymore subscriber share and definitely don’t intend to concede anymore value share in this market. We think the market right where it is now is operating rationally.”

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