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Public help needed after new sketch of suspected kidnapper released

As police try to close in on the person suspected of numerous kidnappings on New Providence, Minister of National Security Marvin Dames said yesterday that despite policing efforts, the key component in catching the suspect is public cooperation.

“The police have been working this matter,” Dames told The Nassau Guardian outside the House of Assembly.

“I know because the commissioner has been giving me daily reports and updates on how his team has been working.

“This is a matter of serious concern for all of us [and] for police officers as well.

“They have been able now to identify the make and model of the vehicle and would have put out any number of composites of the possible suspect.

‘They have narrowed down the area and they are closing in.

“They are following any number of other leads to get to where they need to go.

“But remember, and this is extremely important for all of us to remember, a police force is only as good as the community by which it works.

“I’ve heard some reports …. ‘The police need to do more and more and more.’ And they are.

“The police are on the streets 24/7, they are doing more.

“But what is very important for us to understand as well: someone knows who that is.

“The police would have put out a significant amount of information, significant to the point whereby members of the public seeing that can now say, ‘yeah, that’s my neighbor’ or ‘maybe the police need to look into that’.

“But it’s disheartening to know that despite all of the complaints that we’re getting, very little information is coming in.

“Now the police have its role and the commissioner is ensuring that his team is working around the clock to bring this matter to a closure.

“But we all have a responsibility as members of the public, to work hand in hand in concert with the police to bring this matter to a closure.”

Between February 16 and March 29, seven children were taken and dropped off at various locations unharmed.

To date, police have not made any arrests in relation to the matter.

However, they have released three composite sketches; the third being released yesterday.

The sketch describes the suspect as a slim woman of light brown skin complexion.

However, her name, age, height and last known address were not disclosed.

The suspect in the composites wears bonnets over her hair or a headband with an updo.

Police reports have been consistent that the vehicle is silver.

Last week, Chief Superintendent Solomon Cash told The Guardian that four of the matters are connected and a suspect will soon be brought into custody.

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