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$20,000 plus to repair traffic lights

Traffic lights at a busy intersection have been down for weeks and could be down for weeks more and cost more than $20,000 to repair.

Minster of Public Works Desmond Bannister said yesterday that the traffic lights on the intersection of Baillou Hill Road and Wulff Road have been out of order due to a traffic accident that caused major damage to a control box.

“Someone hit the light and hit the control box,” Bannister told The Nassau Guardian.

“They hit the control box so hard that it was sent spinning [onto] the roof of an adjacent building.

“The extent of the damage to that intersection is huge.

“The ministry is now getting the equipment together to be able to [replace] equipment there and it’s going to be a huge cost because of the extent of the damage that was done.”

Bannister could not give a timeline as to when repairs would be complete.

Several drivers reported the traffic lights have been out for over two weeks, however, Chief Superintendent Craig Stubbs, of the Royal Bahamas Police Force Traffic Division, told The Guardian the light went out due to a traffic fatality that happened on the first of the month.

“Monday, the first day of April, the entire traffic control, costing some $20,000 plus, was completely damaged,” Stubbs said.

“So, the process now, we’ve prepared a report for the insurance company so the Ministry of Works can make a file and be compensated to replace that traffic signal at that intersection.”

Stubbs added that there won’t be any traffic officers sent to the intersection to regulate traffic.

“Since the light has been down, we have monitored the intersection and [people] are exercising extreme caution,” Stubbs said.

“We will continue to advise the motoring public, once commuting in that area, to be more courteous to one another and exercise extreme caution at all times.”

On March 25, police reported a fatal car crash in the area shortly after 2 a.m.

Police said they responded to reports of a traffic accident on Blue Hill Road and Wulff Road involving a dark blue and a light blue Honda Accord.

The vehicles collided and struck a pedestrian, killing him on the scene.

According to statistics released by the Royal Bahamas Police Force in January, there were 63 traffic accidents recorded in 2018 that resulted in 69 deaths.

Deaths involving motor vehicles were again on the rise with a reported 29 percent increase, compared to 2017.

Of the 69 deaths in 2018, 31 were pedestrians; 20 were drivers; 12 were passengers; three were motorcyclists; and three were bicyclists.

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