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Photographer Torrell Glinton’s fourth Kinky Project, a photo series highlighting the beauty of Black hair in all of its various textures, was well-received and drew a larger crowd than even he had anticipated.

And he was excited that people took away the fact that Black hair is beautiful and acceptable, and that it does not always have to be a clean shave or a perm, and that it can still be appropriate.

Glinton said he was surprised to see a woman who looked Caucasian, but who sported a massive afro at his event which was held at Incudesk on Chesapeake Road, who told him she had hear about the event and made sure that she came to see it.

Through the Kinky Project, Glinton’s aim is to help further cultivate a love for natural hair, and to show that it is a viable and acceptable option for anyone and all occasions.

Glinton showcased his highest number of models to date – 20, four of whom were men, selected from a 90-strong application submission.

Men were a part of the project for the second year, highlighting their locs and facial hair.

He showcased just 10 models in the first Kinky Hair Project.

He was inspired to do the project through wanting to create his own beauty series.

“One of my friends was transitioning. I followed her when she cut her hair and filmed it and that would have been the seed that would eventually become the Kinky Project,” said Glinton. “The aim is really to help further cultivate a love for natural hair and to show that it is a viable and acceptable option for anyone and for all occasions.”

Nevandria Lyric, a model in the first Kinky Project, performed along with spoken word artist Tanicia Pratt who is also a former project participant. Entry into the Kinky Project is free.

“The goal is really just to spread a love for natural hair,” said Glinton of the not-for-profit event.

In his fourth year, the photographer of at least a decade said he had an easier time getting everyone together and shooting the models.

“We all kind of knew what we wanted, and knew what I felt would be a good pose for participants,” he said.

Glinton was pleased he was four shows down. Through the project, the naturally shy Glinton said he’s been able to boost his own self-confidence.

“I didn’t really have the confidence in myself when I first started to make [Kinky Project] happen, but I was able to with the strength of my village – the people in the natural hair community, photography friends, people who style, the creative people, and made it happen.”

He credits his experience in photojournalism for allowing him to quickly assess situations and provide imagery that is candid and captivating, which helps in his Kinky Project depictions.

Milo B. Butler sponsored the Kinky Project and was on hand with products for people to sample and take away.

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