Thursday, May 28, 2020
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Light bulb thief gets community service

An electrician who lost his job after he was caught stealing from the Hibiscus Inn didn’t lose his freedom yesterday.

Instead, Magistrate Samuel McKinney ordered Robert Knowles to perform 60 hours of community service. Knowles was warned that he would have to pay a $500 fine to avoid spending three months in prison if he failed to complete the community service.

Knowles, 54, of Bamboo Street, asked McKinney to re-read the charge of stealing by reason of employment to him prior to the start of his trial.

Knowles pleaded guilty to stealing four light bulbs, worth $67.88, from the Hibiscus Inn on Carmichael Road on January 12.

According to the prosecutor, Inspector Philip Davis, police found the light bulbs when they executed a search warrant on his home on January 25.

Knowles, who had no previous convictions, asked the court for leniency and said that he was the sole provider for his three children.

Knowles’ former employer, Peter Roker, who had come to court to testify, said that the case was not about the four stolen light bulbs.

Roker said that he suspected Knowles of stealing more items from his property.

The magistrate told Roker that Knowles could not be punished for uncharged crimes.

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