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You can’t go back

There’s a very destructive game which far too many people spread throughout this great, big world of ours, play far too regularly, which is most destructive to their “psyche” and which can ruin a person’s self-esteem, self-image – and it’s a game called “the of only game”. That’s right, many, many people are always saying to themselves and others “If only this had happened or that had worked out to my liking or worse still – of only this hadn’t happened I would be much further ahead in life today. Yes indeed, the “if only game” is in fact a very dangerous and damaging game to play and alas, so many continue to play it incessantly.

“Why?” you may query “Is this so very damaging D. Paul”. Well firstly, as today’s title simply and succinctly puts it, you can’t go back – no, you can’t. The point is your past is written on the pages of the history of your life. What’s happened in your life, good or bad over the years cannot, I repeat for emphasis, cannot be changed. No, it can’t. So, if that is true, and we all know it is, what’s the use of lamenting over it as some people do with wishful thinking saying repeatedly to yourself “if only my first marriage didn’t end in divorce, or if only I had worked harder at school and thus been able to go to university, I’d be much further along today.” My friend, I implore you to stop playing this most destructive game immediately, now. Always remember, you can’t go back.

Yes, my friend, we must all stop living in the past and instead live in the now, which is the only time we have complete control over. Hopefully we have learnt the lessons in living, which our past mistakes have meant to teach us. However, now it’s time to move on in an extremely positive frame of mind, to new horizons and to succeed beyond our wildest dreams.

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