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Case closed

A string of abductions on New Providence which left the nation puzzled has ended as police said yesterday they arrested two women believed to be the suspects.

Between February 16 and March 29, seven children were taken in five separate instances from or near their homes and dropped off at various locations across New Providence.

Five of them were dropped near the entrance of the dump off Tonique Williams-Darling Highway. One was left at a wash house off Joe Farrington Road and Fox Hill Road, and another at a graveyard in Woodlawn Gardens. None of them was harmed.

The pattern of the abductions left many people questioning why police had not made any arrests, even after releasing a depiction of the vehicle and a sketch of the alleged abductor.

Chief Superintendent Solomon Cash told reporters Sunday that police have arrested two women; one of whom, he said, confessed to four abductions.

“We are pleased to say that we have in our custody, a 29-year-old female who [was] arrested yesterday evening from the eastern district of New Providence,” Cash said at a press conference at the Central Detective Unit (CDU).

“We also have in our custody a 35-year-old female who we believe [was] an accomplice in one of the matters that happened in February.

“Let me say that since these incidents started to occur, we were committed to our investigations.

“We had opened a major incident room which comprised of various resources from within the police force, including our

technical and our intelligence resources.

“With that, we were able to launch a full-scale investigation which led us to the point today that we can be conclusive in saying that we suspect that both individuals we have in custody are responsible for these [incidents].

“We have already consulted with our Department of Public Prosecutions on these matters and hopefully we will be able to say whether and what charges will be levied against these [people] at the end of the week.”

Cash did not identify the suspects, however he said while the prime suspect, the 29-year-old, was arrested in New Providence, her accomplice was picked up in Eleuthera.

When asked about the two outstanding abduction incidents involving three children, Cash said they were not connected in these incidents. He said one was a domestic issue and the other is still under separate investigation. In the case of four abductions, he said police are not looking for any additional suspects.

A silver Nissan Tiida is also in police custody and being searched for evidence, according to Cash.

As for a motive, Cash said, “We suspect, based on what we have before us, and I’m giving you an account based on our intelligence, that these [people] or these kids were just left unattended to and the suspect, based on our information, just took them away from their place of comfort with no intent of harming them.”

Additionally, Cash said that both individuals were unknown to police and have no record of being admitted to any mental institution.

During the course of the investigation, police released four composite sketches. Cash thanked the public for its assistance in the matter, adding that the composite sketches bore a striking resemblance to the 29-year-old.

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