Sunday, May 31, 2020
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Briland Club land acquisition

Dear Editor,

I read with interest your article from last week about the Briland Marina acquiring an additional 21 acres of land to expand their ongoing project. I am curious as to how they added that much land without adding debt to the project.

The initial announcement (as reported by your paper) was for a 34-room hotel and 10 villas. For a few months now the club’s website has advertised 83 residences and a much larger marina than initial approval was for. How did they double the scope of the project, presumably including energy and waste management needs, without adding to the cost? Or did the initial estimate of cost assume being able to do this from the beginning?

Your first article on the project last year said that environmental impact had been studied but to date that report had never been shared with community residents, despite repeated requests. Has a new study been done, or required, since the doubling of size? Surely an increase of this magnitude should necessitate further impact reporting?

Also I have recently been following this project on social media and there is considerable local opposition to this, because of environmental concerns, lack of transparency, and concerns about over-development and the negative social and cultural impact that would have on the area. Local people have attempted to engage the principals without response. Are you able to shed some light on this for them?

Thank you for your time and attention, and for whatever information you’re able to report to your readers on this matter.

– Shannon Purvis

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