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Canon Warren Rolle establishes endowment fund

Canon Warren Rolle said yesterday that he will establish an endowment fund for students interested in studying theology at the University of The Bahamas (UB) in commemoration of his 50th anniversary as an ordained minister in the Anglican church.

Rolle, 77, who has had an opportunity to study across the world, credited the generosity of others for the success in his journey as a priest and an educator.

“It’s about trying to help someone,” Rolle said outside St. Agnes Anglican Church.

“I was helped greatly during my years.

“I was helped by the former priest of this parish, the late Archdeacon William Edward Thompson.

“He filled in at Cat Island when there was no priest and he got to know me then.

“When I went off to seminary and came back he requested that I come and work with him and it was a fairly long relationship of 29 years.

“…I would like to be able to give whatever help I can to students who may want to attend the University of The Bahamas.

“I’ve been at the university from 1986 to the present time and I know how much many students are in need of grants.

“Many have to work not only part-time to make ends meet but some have to work full-time.

“So, a degree course, which would normally take four years, may have to take eight years before a person graduates because they don’t have the necessary funds [and] they have to work as they attend classes.”

The scholarship is expected to start in September, according to Chairman of the Endowment Committee Henry Dean.

He said the board is looking to distribute scholarships worth $1,000 to two students per year or a $2,000 scholarship to one student per year.

Dean said that they hope that the scholarship will be ongoing.

He added that donations to the scholarship fund can be made at Scotiabank.

Students must meet the entry requirements of UB in order to qualify for the scholarship, Associate Professor at UB Janice Munnings said.

She said a committee will be formed to establish who will receive this grant.

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