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Man living out of car on Kemp Road

An old, beat up, white station wagon with four flat tires sits parked in front of a duplex on Abraham Street off James Road.

However, what looks like a derelict vehicle to passersby, is where Leonce Louis calls home.

Louis, who appears to be in his 70s, said he needs help.

The old station wagon sits right in front of the apartment he said he was evicted from three years ago, just steps away from the home of Mary Thompson, the 89-year-old blind woman who lives in squalor.

Louis said he moved to The Bahamas from Haiti about 58 years ago. He was a gardener, but as of late began struggling to find work.

He said he was evicted because he simply couldn’t make the rent anymore. His former landlord told him his contribution just wasn’t enough.

“I shouldn’t [have] come [to] Nassau,” Louis said, leaning against his used-to-be mobile home.

“It [didn’t] give me a good name.”

A piece of canvas covers the rear windshield of the station wagon, while cardboard covers the other windows. Asked about his makeshift decor, Louis said, “I don’t want to see nobody.”

Inside the car are pots, buckets, cups and a blue laundry basket. A stained pink and white sheet covers the backseat, which he uses as a bed. He said sleeping in the old car is uncomfortable.

Louis said he has no one except his neighbors because he lost contact with his family back in Haiti a while ago.

Rita Thompson, who is actively involved in her community, said although Louis lives out of his car, he makes the best of it by cooking and cleaning as though he lived behind four walls.

“…He didn’t have any more income so he is now residing in his car,” Thompson said.

“These are the things I think we need to highlight, because, unfortunately, for some people they live in a bubble.

“They think they live in Nassau and these things are not happening, but this is only a few of them I can show you.

“But I can go and show you like a half a dozen people who are living just like this…

“In 2019 we ‘re not supposed to be having these kinds of problems in our community.

“We make sure he gets something to eat and people, what they do is, hire him to do a little weeding and stuff and give him a little $20 to $30 just to keep him afloat.

“He has to wash, he has to eat.

“Just like normal things that everybody [does].

“Listen, there are so [many] issues here in this constituency.

“This is only the tip of the iceberg.”

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