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Help promised, but not yet delivered, for elderly blind woman

There has been an outpouring of support expressed for the 89-year-old blind woman living in poverty on Abraham Street off James Road.

Meanwhile, the elderly Haitian man who lived out of his car parked just a few feet away, has reconnected with his children.

Following two articles published in The Nassau Guardian last week highlighting the poor living conditions of Mary Thompson and former gardener Leonce Louis, dozens of calls came in from people wanting to provide assistance.

Mary Thompson, who has no children and has never been married, lost her eyesight to a medical condition years ago. Without assistance, her house was falling apart.

Leonce Louis, a permanent resident who moved to The Bahamas from Haiti over 50 years ago, began struggling to find work as a gardener three years ago, which left him living out of a run down station wagon.

Rita Thompson, an active member of the community who spoke up for the two, said while there have been a number of people who said they are willing to help, it has been slow to come.

“We had a lot of people that said that they wanted to help; nothing has come through as yet,” Thompson told The Nassau Guardian yesterday.

“Calls came from the Rotary [International organization], from the DNA (Democratic National Alliance) party, there was also a group from the mason’s lodge [and] there’s also a Mr. Douglas Turnquest.

“But nothing has [come] through as yet.

“We’re still waiting and hopefully somebody will come through.

“Now, apparently Mr. Leo has two children they found in Nassau and they said they would keep him until they find a suitable place for him to be. It was really a touching story with him…”

Asked if Mary Thompson was excited about the promise of repairs, Rita Thompson said, “She is all excited about the overwhelming responses from people but nothing has come through to say we see something happening.

“We got a lot of calls and a lot of interest so I pray that some things would work out.

“I also told her that the permanent secretary from Social Services called and said that they’re working on something.

“So, we’re hoping that whoever comes through, that it would make a difference just to give her some kind of comfort.”

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