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RBDF officers prevent alleged suicide attempt

While leading a group of rangers, three Royal Bahamas Defense Force (RBDF) officers on Saturday prevented a middle-aged man from committing suicide, according to the RBDF.

Rangers Director Lieutenant Delvonne Duncombe said yesterday that while leading a group of 40 cadets embarking on a 30-mile hike, Able Seaman Michael Gibson, Marine Seaman Cyril Davis and Woman Marine Alexis Strachan responded quickly to a man who was acting suspiciously.

“Yesterday morning at around [10 a.m.] we were at a security checkpoint waiting on the kids to pass by,” Gibson told reporters.

“We pulled along the northern side of Cowpen Road.

“We witnessed an individual walking from the southern side coming out of a track road with a belt around his neck.

“One of my comrades, Strachan, stated, ‘Something has to be wrong.’

“He looked at us and he said, ‘Hi’ [then] he said ‘Bye.’

“As to say this was his last goodbye.

“He walked towards the bushes [and] when I saw that…I turned the bus on and started to approach.

“He didn’t really see us [but] he just darted up the tree… [and] Marine Seaman Davis hopped out of the bus.

“By the time as Davis got out of the bus, he had already tied a knot on top of a limb, stepped off and he was hanging.”

Gibson said Davis and a few cadets tried to lift the man’s body to relieve the pressure from his neck but to no avail. Ultimately, he said, he stepped in and cut the belt with a knife.

The scene was a 10 to 15-second ordeal, according to Gibson, however, the man was unconscious for about a minute.

When he came to, Gibson said the man burst into tears.

Gibson said an ambulance arrived shortly after and transported the man to hospital.

As it relates to suicide, Gibson added, “Every life is precious [and] everyone is going through something.

“If you need someone to speak to, find someone.

“We have different social groups around here…

“So, if you need someone to speak to, please find somebody.

“That attempt on suicide, that is not the way to cope with your problems.”

The Bahamas has recorded four suicides this year, according to The Nassau Guardian’s records.

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